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Hi-Lok Roller Ratchets

Hi-Lok® Roller Ratchets were developed in response to the need for very small ratchet wrenches for use in extremely tight areas where handle 'swing' was limited by obstructions, and by the need to have a ratchet that would engage with very little handle movement.

The Hi-Lok® Roller Ratchet functions as a hand ratchet, yet its size greatly increases its versatility by allowing it to be used in tighter areas. The incorporation of a special 'toothless' clutch eliminates all lost motion, allowing even the slightest movement to engage the tool. The modular platform allows for multiple configurations. A through-hole also makes the tool compatible with Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, Hi-Shear® and Eddie Bolt® systems.

Hi-Lok® Roller Ratchet Features

• Small design allows for use in tight areas
• Modular platform provides versatility
• Through-hole permits use with Hi-Lok, Hi-Lite, and Eddie Bolt
• Revolutionary clutch design
• Torque ratings from 150-600 lb-in.

Smooth "Toothless" Clutch

The most remarkable feature of Hi-Lok® Roller Ratchets are their "toothless" clutch. These ratchets don't have a minimum rotation needed to engage the clutch, which eliminates all lost motion, allowing even the slightest movement to engage the tool.

Hi-Lok Roller Ratchet

Hi-Lok® Roller Ratchet Specifications 
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  Ratchet TypePart NumberSquare DriveTorque (in*lb)Height Width LengthEquivalent Parts
short length Hi-Lok® Roller RatchetShortRR2E40S-SP1/4''1500.910.654.5RWB100-40,ZRDW80-2505, ATSK3539L, ATSK3539B, ATSK3539R
standard length Hi-Lok® roller ratchetStandardRR2E40SP1/4''1500.910.656.5RWB100-40, ZRDW80-250, ATSK3539L, ATSK3539BL
Double clutch Hi-Lok® Roller RatchetDouble ClutchRR2E80SP1/4''2001.370.606.7RWB100-80
Heavy Duty Hi-Lok® Roller RatchetHeavy DutyRR2E130SP 1/4'' 2500.920.876.6RWB100-130
Heavy Duty Hi-Lok® Roller RatchetHeavy DutyRR2E250SP 3/8'' 4000.920.878.9RWB100-250
Extra Heavy Duty Hi-Lok® Roller RatchetExtra Heavy DutyRR2E400SP3/8''6001.211.318.9RWB100-400

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