Hi-Lok Sockets

Hi-Lok Sockets

Anti-FOD Hi-Lok® Sockets are manufactured to fit conventional square drives. They feature a generous through-hole to enable the use of hex keys when necessary for Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, Hi-Shear® and Hi-Tigue® installations. A set screw is provided to positively retain the sockets onto the square drives to prevent foreign object damage.

The patented collar ejecting sockets feature a slot that ejects collars while the tool is spinning, allowing smooth and quick work, without needing to stop and remove the collar from the socket.

Hi-Lok® Collar Ejecting Sockets


Hi-Lok Collar Ejecting Sockets feature a patented design that revolutionizes Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, and Hi-Shear® installation. These specialized sockets save you the trouble of digging collars out of the socket. Collars are ejected out the side of the socket while the tool is spinning, saving time on every installation.

Hi-Lok Collar Ejecting Socket

Collar Ejecting Hi-Lok® Sockets Options

Standard Hi-Lok® Sockets Options
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  Part Number     Hex Opening (6-Point)    Square Drive- Size    Nose Diameter    Overall Length  
Hi-Lok 5/32'' Socket ATHS1565/321/40.2800.86
Hi-Lok 3/16'' Socket ATHS1873/161/40.3120.86
Hi-Lok 7/32'' Socket ATHS2187/321/40.3120.86
Hi-Lok 1/4'' Installations Socket ATHS2501/41/40.3750.88
Hi-Lok 1/4'' Installations Socket ATHS250-121/4 (12 Point)1/40.3750.88
Hi-Lok 9/32'' Socket ATHS2819/321/40.4100.88
Hi-Lok 3/12'' Socket ATHS3125/161/40.4670.88
Hi-Lok 11/32'' Socket ATHS34311/321/40.5080.88
Hi-Lok 3-8'' Socket ATHS375A3/81/40.5600.88
Hi-Lok 3/8'' Socket ATHS3753/83/80.5601.00
Hi-Lok 7/16'' Socket ATHS4377/163/80.6401.00
Hi-Lok 7/16'' Socket ATHS437A7/161/40.6000.86
Hi-Lok 1/2'' Socket ATHS5001/23/80.7101.00
Hi-Lok 9/16'' Socket ATHS5629/163/80.7601.25
Hi-Lok 11/16'' Socket ATHS68711/163/80.8901.25
Hi-Lok 1'' Socket ATHS100013/81.201.50

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